Heart – Cards of truth membership

In this Heart – cards of truth membership plan, you will have access to only the Hearts suit related videos.

Course content:

In this membership, there are a total of 56 videos and total duration of ~39 hrs! 

More precisely, the course contents can be described as below:  

  • 29 classical Vedic astrology centered videos (Maharisi’s Parashara and Jaimini’s authentic concepts)  of ~19 hrs of value-based content and
  • 27 cards of truth related videos of ~20 hrs of fresh content with new outlook!

Reference books and content to these courses:


Ernst Wilhelm’s astrology courses: https://astrology-videos.com/

Ernst Wilhelm’s cards of truth courses: https://cardsoftruth.com/

Ernst Wilhelm’s books and audio courses: http://www.vedic-astrology.net/

Purchase Kala vedic astrology and cards of truth software: http://www.vedic-astrology.net/Kala/Kala-Software.asp ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Featured content on other channels playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BP2q_EWVwDI&list=PL4O8VqgmyM8TWiYGMwLFjd7B48GQ2t_W- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Membership Instructor

Dr. Ganesh Jayakumar Dr. Ganesh Jayakumar Author

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