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The following is a legal disclaimer and terms of service that I am legally obliged to provide for all who visit my site. Contact me for any questions about these terms.

  1. By using this site and/or scheduling as well as paying for one of my services offered via www.learn-astrology.com or by communicating with Ganesh Jayakumar by any other means, you are attesting that you have fully read this legal disclaimer and terms of service. Furthermore, you are claiming that you understand and willingly enter into, agree and accept the following:Any information, communication, video content, courses with Ganesh Jayakumar or anything on the www.learn-astrology.com website are for educational, spiritual and entertainment purposes only.
  2. No video lesson or tutoring given by Ganesh Jayakumar is intended to nor should it take the place of professional services such as medical, financial, business, legal and/or psychological services.
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  5. The opinions and values of guests, associate readers and hosts on www.vidyavaridhi.org and www.learn-astrology.com blog, site or on the YouTube channels “Learn-astrology”, “Listen to the Stars,” and any other YouTube channel that Ganesh Jayakumar makes a guest appearance on are not necessarily shared by Ganesh Jayakumar. Any remark, action or intention made by a host or guest, etc on any of these channels as well as any YouTube Channel, blog or live speaking appearance where Ganesh Jayakumar may appear, be it virtually or physically, is not the responsibility of Ganesh Jayakumar, and he will not be held liable for any claims made against him for the opinions, values, actions or insinuations of these other entities.
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  7. Privacy Policy – Any info I gather from you is solely used for the purpose of sending out newsletters (which you have to sign up for on your own) or for setting up your appointment. I never share the contents with anyone. I do not share your information with any third party. Furthermore, I solely use your information to fulfill your requests. I use secure methods of payment. Site security is prioritized and kept up to date.
  8. Payment Policies – Memberships and tutoring classes will be scheduled and paid for in advanceNo refunds are offered on any serviceThe confirmation e-mail you receive acts as a proof of purchase or receipt. The site owner is sent an identical copy in case you have lost this e-mail. By submitting payment via the site, you are agreeing to show up for the appointment and to pay for the appointment in full.
  9.  You have had the opportunity to ask any questions you have in regard to these Terms of Service agreement. You fully understand and with your free will are choosing to enter into this legal and binding disclaimer and terms of service agreement.
  10. Recording duplication policy – Under no circumstances may the videos be shared, duplicated or published without the express and prior agreement of Ganesh Jayakumar. Any publication, duplication or sharing of any videos or tutoring sessions performed by Ganesh Jayakumar must be agreed upon in advance, in writing.
  11. All images, logos, photo, text documents, PDF documents, Excel documents, word documents and videos have been copyrighted and are the sole property of Ganesh Jayakumar. They may not be duplicated, published or use without permission obtained in writing from Ganesh Jayakumar. The videos on the website are tracked using special software, any abuse of the videos by recording and reproducing them, will be known. The users who indulge in such malpractices will be permanently removed from the website. Once they have been removed from the website, such users will lose all privileges and rights to access of the website, the forums and all of its content. Once the user has been banned from using the website, no refunds will be issued.
  12. Only the user who has paid in full for the memberships or course content has the rightful access to the video lessons. He/She may not share her membership login details with other users. Such shared membership usages are monitored on the website. The system will automatically notify the administrator of unfair video usage or shared membership access or unlawful activities on the video streaming service. Dual tracking is employed to monitor the usage. One on the website and other on the CDN network. In such events of shared usage, either the system will automatically ban such users or log them out with warnings. If the user persists with activities of sharing his/her membership with others, then the user as well as the shared membership users will be permanently removed from the website. In such situations, strictly no refund policy will be maintained.
  13. The split payment option is available for those students that want to pay for the courses by dividing it over 2 months. You may choose, the full payment option if you would like to pay for the courses in full. The difference between the split versus the full payment option is that in the split payment method, only half of the course is accessible on first payment. The second part of the course will be accessible on completion of the second payment. Please also note that once you have signed up for the split payment option, you may not cancel the payments to the course, ie. the second payment will be scheduled and completed in the subsequent month. 
  14. I am very busy during the day with my professional scientific research, and astrology is a secondary profession. While I’m making my best efforts to respond to all messages in a timely fashion on the forum, I’ll be slower than usual during a few weeks when my professional work gets remarkably overwhelming or when I am on vacation. I will do my best and will get to it eventually. I hope you can be patient when this happens.
  15. My techniques are both astronomically and mathematically precise. With that, I combine both scientific and spiritual sides. It drains a lot of my energy to focus on the content in the videos, teach and create new content. I do my best! Make sure you are a serious student who would like to dive deeper into this vast world of astrology before signing up for the courses. If you are not sure about the quality of the content, I encourage you to watch these videos on YouTube and other channels before signing up for the courses or tutoring. Only once you are full happy with the example content, I encourage you to sign up for the courses or tutoring sessions or memberships. As it involves a huge amount of work in creating new content and in fairness to that, once you have purchased the membership or courses, there will be no refunds or cancellations of the payment. Please keep this in mind before you make any purchases on this website, www.learn-astrology.com.

  16. It is very important that you are aware I use a different ayanamsa or calculation settings for casting your chart compared to traditional Vedic astrologers. I expect you to use the Free birth chart calculator on my website and make sure you are happy with the chart that is calculated before taking the video lectures as taught by me. In case you have disagreements with the ayanamsa or your birth chart, then I would advise you to read the articles listed on my website. Especially, if you are a person of Indian origin, it is very likely that you will have different birth charts for the examples I discuss in the courses with my calculations. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you are aware of these calculations before signing up for the courses. Although, bear in mind that the techniques that I teach in the video tutorials can be applied to any astrology birth chart. If you realize the difference in the ayanamsa after signing up for the courses or video tutorials has been completed, please note that there will not be any refunds or cancellations.