Queries and answers

1) Do you use western or Vedic astrology?

I use the traditional nine planets (Sun-Ketu) Vedic astrology and no outer planets like Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in my Vedic astrology teachings and readings. However, time to time if my intuition prompts me and when I see the need, I will jump to the tarot cards or the birth card system in my readings. During those times I will touch upon Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

2) What ayanamsa (settings) do you use?

I use the Tropical Zodiac, with the Middle of Mula Galactic Center Ayanamsa and Dhruva Equatorial positions for Nakshatras, which may be different from standard Vedic Astrologers of the day. If you are aware of Jyothish principles or have had your reading done before, this simply means that the chart I calculate and others (for example contemporary astrologers in India) use may differ by one rasi and nakshatra.

You can get a feel of the birth chart and other divisional charts that I will cast using this link (It is free of cost) – Free chart calculator

3) Why do you use these specific settings?

Please read these articles on Ayanamsa crisis.

Furthermore, you can read the importance of Mercury in astrology.

4) My chart looks different compared to that I find on the internet or other software calculations or that another astrologer has given me previously?

You will find the answer to the question in the below articles. Please read these articles:

Ayanamsa crisis

Mercury in astrology

Further, I recommend you to take all my courses where I will demonstrate the power of the tropical zodiac to nail the intricate details of a chart or the card spread. I hope by the end of the courses and the demonstration of the examples, you will also be convinced about the tropical zodiac, and it’s accuracy. By the end of the courses or videos, if you are still not convinced, then I recommend that you explore or experiment the techniques I share on your zodiac setting and check if it makes sense or works better. 

5) How will I receive the courses?

The courses are taught as video lectures and hosted on the website. So, once you purchase the courses, you will be prompted to create a login id with email and password. Using those login details, you will be able to login to the website and access the content of the courses  that you have purchased. 

6) How do I make a payment for the courses?

The payment system is directly integrated on the website. So you can make the payment using your – Debit/Credit card. You can choose the courses or membership of your choice and click on the “CHECKOUT” or “SUBSCRIBE” option next to the course to make the direct payment. All standard payment cards such as VISA and MASTERCARD are accepted through a secure checkout system. Kindly, note that all payments will be received in USD, and it may incur additional bank charges for you if you are residing outside the USA. These charges maybe the currency conversion charges and international payment charges. However, bear in mind that if you choose PayPal transaction I would be expected to bear even higher charges.

Contact me directly so that I can give you my bank details when you choose wire or bank transfer. I would prefer a wire transfer to my account, and it will not cost you any extra fees (irrespective of your country). PayPal charges almost 5% to for every transaction + currency conversion charges (at horrible exchange rates) + 3% additional charges to send it to international bank accounts. So at the moment, I have canceled my business account with PayPal due to the nonsensical fees charged by the company.

When you opt for the TransferWise option, I will send you my account details after I receive your contact information through this formPlease mention the type of courses or memberships that you are interested in the subject line or email. I will provide you login details after receiving the payment or confirmation message from your side.

7) Do you accept only USD payment?

I have listed my course costs in USD as it is widely accepted internationally. If you would like to pay in your local currency, please contact me through this form, so I can share with you the bank details for such transactions. Please use the exchange rate calculator to calculate the USD equivalent amount in your local currency. 

8) I am confused and can’t seem to figure out whether to choose courses or memberships ?

Please watch this video that will clarify any doubts you may have related to the pricing model for the courses and memberships.


9) I am unable to pay for the courses or memberships in either full or split payments. What other options are available ?

In this case I recommend you to choose the monthly subscription based integrated vedic astrology and cards of truth course. In this Integrated Cards of truth course track, there are a total of 6 courses comprising ~ 328 videos and total duration of ~250 hrs! You pay 29.99$ per month. The course subscription can be cancelled anytime by sending me an email. There are many other advantages as described below:

  • You can study at your own pace and receive support/ask questions on the dedicated member exclusive forum. You will have access to the forum after you subscribe to this course.
  • The students will have access to 1 new lesson every week. Some weeks more than 1 video may be available to facilitate continuous learning. However, the intent is to make ~52 – 55 videos or 50 – 60 hrs of content available per year.
  • Once you have completed watching the 328 videos and 250 hrs of content, you have completed the certification program. However, in order to maintain access to the video lessons and the content, you must be subscribed to the course.
  • As long as you are subscribed to the membership, you may watch the unlocked videos as many times as you like.
  • In case you unsubscribe and re-subscribe again at a later stage, you will not lose the course progress.

10) Is it compulsory to renew the courses or memberships after the access has expired?

No. It is not compulsory to renew any courses after the expiry. You may only renew the courses that you like to maintain access to the videos. You may also renew when you need them. There is no compulsion to renew immediately after the expiry. 

11) Why am I not able to purchase the spades/hearts/clubs/diamonds courses or memberships as standalone without having studied the introduction content or previous courses?

Please make sure you have purchased the Introduction course (or Spade membership) before proceeding to purchase (or renew) the SpadesHeartsClubs or Diamond suit courses or memberships (as the content is inter-dependent)!

12) I have purchased the courses, but I am still not able to renew the courses?
Please make sure you are logged into the dashboard before you renew any courses. 
13) What kind of browsers do you recommend watching the videos ?
As of June 2022, all videos can be comfortably watched on common browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox or Vivaldi.



14) What is two-factor authentication? Why am I forced to configure that when I first login? 

Two-factor authentication is a method to ensure that your account is double secure from hackers or unauthorized people from accessing the content. Note: You will only be able to access the courses/membership content after configuring the two-factor authentication. It is mandatory for you to configure the two-factor authentication on first login after the course registration. The failure to configure the two-factor authentication on first login will result in the lockout of your login details such as username and password. So, please take 2 mins of your time and secure your login, so it stays protected from hackers. Thanks for your understanding and support! 🙂



15) What is the difference between full payment versus the split payment option?

As the name suggests, the split payment option is available for those students that want to pay for the courses by dividing it over 2 months. You may choose, the full payment option if you would like to pay for the courses in full. The difference between the split versus the full payment option is that in the split payment method, only half of the course is accessible on first payment. The second part of the course will be accessible on completion of the second payment. Please also note that once you have signed up for the split payment option, you may not cancel the payments to the course, ie. the second payment will be scheduled and completed in the subsequent month. 



16) I am experiencing issues with streaming the videos. What is the solution? 

The videos are not hosted on the website. It is hosted elsewhere on another server using an encrypted service. The size of the videos is also not that large.  If you have a broadband connection that can stream Netflix or online content on YouTube, then the streaming of the content on this website would also be smooth. My recommendation is that you must broadband connection of at least 2 to 10 Mbps and you will be all set. If your broadband speed is faster than that, then you shall not experience any issues. 



17) Do you own the images or pictures that are shared on the website? 

No! I do not own any of the pictures that are shared on the website related to the yantras, grahas, rasis etc. All credit must be given to the extraordinary painting work of the artists at Sanatan Society. Here is a link to their website. Yes, I highly recommend you check that website out if you are interested to learn more about that painting style. In all my videos and photos, I have left the reference as it to their Sanatan Society website as a humble thank you to the artists. I love paintings and art. These pictures or the representations of the Vedic deities, the grahas and rasis is the most accurate that I have come across. I could not get my eyes off the paintings as I was in awe! So, I wanted to promote their work as well and used in on my website. I recommend any visitor to my website to check out the Sanatan Society website to learn more about the paintings. It is pure divine art in an exalted state!