Integrated Cards of truth and Vedic astrology certification

In this certification program, students will learn to integrate the cards of truth astrology system with Vedic astrology. In order to complete the vedic astrology certification program, you will have to take the below courses:

1. The 52 types of people you will meet – Introduction course

2. The Spades suit

3. The Hearts suit

4. The Clubs suit

5. The Diamonds suit

6. Conclusion and advanced techniques

Course content:

In this membership, there are a total of 6 courses comprising ~ 328 videos and total duration of ~250 hrs! 

More precisely, the course contents can be described as below:  

  • 161 classical Vedic astrology centered videos (Maharisi’s Parashara and Jaimini’s authentic concepts)  of ~ 125 hrs of value-based content and
  • 167 cards of truth related videos of ~125 hrs of fresh content with new outlook!

Membership Instructor

Dr. Ganesh Jayakumar Dr. Ganesh Jayakumar Author

Integrated cards of truth and astrology membership (Full payment)

$ 2,398.00
2 years of access

In this membership, you will have 2 years of access to all the content of the IntroductionSpadesHeartsClubs, Diamond suit related courses.

Renew yearly access to integrated cards of truth and astrology membership

$ 199.99
1 year of access

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Reference books and content to these courses:


Ernst Wilhelm’s astrology courses:

Ernst Wilhelm’s cards of truth courses:

Ernst Wilhelm’s books and audio courses:

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