Integrated Cards of truth and Vedic astrology course (Monthly subscription)

The Integrated Cards of truth and Vedic astrology course is the most statistically accurate qualitative and quantitative analysis of the cards of truth/birth card system you will ever find. If you like statistics, have an interest for visualizations of data content through graphs and numbers, then you will love this course! I explain the fundamentals of the cards of truth system in a step-by-step manner. I also cover the concepts of Vedic astrology that is essential to accurately judge the static promise of a birth chart. There are over 1000 graphs and a 1000 pages report that will help you visualize and understand the birth card system from a statistical point of view. You can begin the course track either by enrolling in this course or by signing up for the integrated cards of truth and Vedic astrology certification membership.

This course is designed for all students of astrology. It is a basic scientific and statistical exploration of the cards of truth system created by Ernst Wilhelm. We will cover fundamental astrology concepts as well before diving deeper into the cards of the truth system. I will cover the basics of Parashari and Jaimini astrology as much as needed to make confident predictions about a birth chart.

In these courses, we will explore the rules and fundamental concepts of the cards of truth system. If you are an astrology student and want to learn the cards of truth system, this is a good starting point. Likewise, if you have a strong astrology background, you will appreciate the cards of truth system more than any card reader out there. Furthermore, if you are a cards of truth student and want to solidify your astrology fundamentals, then this course will help you achieve that. So, it is a must take course for people with astrology background. For a person on the astrology path, the cards of truth system is highly recommended. If you can master the cards of truth system, just know that your ability to make accurate confident predictions increased by at least another 25%.

Estimated Time: 328 videos and total duration of ~250 hrs

Difficulty: Beginner

Course Instructor

Dr. Ganesh Jayakumar Dr. Ganesh Jayakumar Author

Integrated Cards of truth and Vedic astrology course

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Course content and syllabus:

In this subscription course, students will learn to integrate the cards of truth astrology system with Vedic astrology. In order to complete the Vedic astrology certification program, you will have to take the below courses and follow the track:

1. The 52 types of people you will meet – Introduction course

2. The Spades suit

3. The Hearts suit

4. The Clubs suit

5. The Diamonds suit

6. Conclusion and advanced techniques

Course Features:

In this Integrated Cards of truth course track, there are a total of 6 courses comprising ~ 328 videos and total duration of ~250 hrs! 

More precisely, the course contents can be described as below:  

  • 161 classical Vedic astrology centered videos (Maharisi’s Parashara and Jaimini’s authentic concepts)  of ~ 125 hrs of value-based content and
  • 167 cards of truth related videos of ~125 hrs of fresh content with outlook!
  • You can study at your own pace and receive support/ask questions on the dedicated member exclusive forum. You will have access to the forum after you subscribe to this course.
  • The access to the course is based on monthly subscription and can be cancelled anytime by sending me an email.
  • The students will have access to 1 new lesson every week. Some weeks more than 1 video may be available to facilitate continuous learning. However, the intent is to make ~52 – 55 videos or 50 – 60 hrs of content available per year.
  • Once you have completed watching the 328 videos and 250 hrs of content, you have completed the certification program. However, in order to maintain access to the video lessons and the content, you must be subscribed to the course.
  • As long as you are subscribed to the membership, you may watch the unlocked videos as many times as you like.
  • In case you unsubscribe and re-subscribe again at a later stage, you will not lose the course progress.


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