The astrological significance of age 32-33 in occult sciences

At the age of 33, something phenomenal happens in a person’s life. In this article we will explore the the astrological significance of age 32-33 in occult sciences. In the Vedic culture, normally the first initial years of life are not considered to be their full throttle karmic influence. The bhava that shows the father in astrology is the 10th bhava (some say the 9th bhava). But, 10th works great, for other reasons, so let us keep it like that for now :-). The 4th bhava shows the mother. So, if you add 10+4 = 14 or if you had 9+4 = 13. The age 13-14 is one turning point for most people. So, the first 13 years some classical astrologers state that we are under the influence of parents Karma (both good and bad). Not to forget that until the age of 18, the first Rahu-Ketu return has not happened, so we are still under the influence of grandparents or lineage Karma as well. The natural age of Mercury runs from age 3 to 12 for everyone, which coincides with this age of 13. From the age of 13-32 the natural age of Venus runs during which majority of Grahas mature (5/9 grahas, in fact) – starting with Jupiter at 15-16; Sun at 20-21; Moon at 23-24; Venus at 25-26 and Mars at 27-28. In simple terms, just as we human beings come of age, the Grahas also come of age at those significant times. If the Graha is well dignified in your chart, those age periods will bring positive results. If the Graha is afflicted, then nasty things and nightmares occur (Of course, that is a simple explanation of natural and maturation ages). If you are a student of astrology or an astrologer, just paying attention to these age periods, you can do a great job!

The mercury maturation age is at 31-32 yrs of life. This is important and amazing for many reasons. It is at this age that we have the start of Jupiter natural age as well – 32 to 50 yrs of a person’s life. During the natural age period of Jupiter, the grahas that will mature are Mercury at 32-33; Saturn at 35-36; Rahu at 41-42 and finally Ketu at 47-48. Now, take a moment to understand this. The majority of the grahas that are considered severe malefic are maturing under the influence of Jupiter natural age. Not just that, think of what has happened previously – the other 5 grahas from Jupiter to Mars have matured in the Venus natural age. Is this not amazing? Both these grahas Venus and Jupiter are Gurus in astrology and look at how they are guiding a person during the entire period from age 13 – 50 which is almost half a lifetime of a person in this Yuga! Think about this for a moment, also contemplate on what is the impact of this on a person’s life, whether man or woman. Among this, the common denominator Graha that plays a key cusp role is Mercury. At age 13, Mercury natural age ends and Venus natural age starts. At age 33, Venus natural age ends and Jupiter natural age starts. But, Mercury comes of age at 32-33! Wow :-)!

Mercury normally shows our childish and youth years. Hence, he shows the age of friendship or having fun in the world during 3-12 yrs. However, Mercury mainly shows our skills. Of the 13 or 14 years of parental karma that we are living in the first initial part of life, at least until the age of 8 or 9 yrs, Bala avasthas or youth years are active. So note this number of 8. Two full solar cycles in astrology is ~24 years (2 Jupiterian cycles as well takes 24 yrs because Jupiter takes 12 years to complete 1 cycle). So, if you add 24 + 8 = 32 yrs. This is very important because at the onset of age 33 coincides with the astronomical, yogic and occult phenomenon. This is even more important because the creative age of Jupiter is starting from age 32-50 years. So, the age of 33 is a cusp when many major shifts happen within a person, particularly in the arenas of their skills, spirituality, sadhana, creativity and dynasty. These skills and creativity can have any flavor, including yoga or meditation. This is one of the reasons, you will see many saints attain Mahasamadhi at this age of 33 – the great Adi Shankara, St. Catherine of Siena and Christ are some examples! Is it a coincidence? You may think so ;-)! But in astrology there are no surprises or coincidences 🙂

At age 33, Mercury matures, which means the Siddhamsa or D24 chart of enlightenment or awakening is activated. So, people on the Sadhanapada attain the Mahasamadhi! Again, it is not happening instantaneously, it is happening through their years of practice (at least 14-18 yrs of day in and day out Sadhana), sometimes, many lifetimes of practice or Sadhana! As we say in the cards’ system, people see the diamonds and its shiny nature, that is just the tip of the iceberg! We forget to see the underlying iceberg or the spades in this case, the hard work that has gone into achieving that success!

People who have great Mercury and Jupiter in the chart, set a strong foundation for the age period of 32-50 yrs. The opposite is also true for people who struggle with life, their skills, family, dharma, purpose if both these grahas are afflicted in the chart or cards. In some sense the mid-life crisis onset happens here. But, the follow through of this crisis is something else. Of course there is something else also happening in this period of 32-50 yrs, I will save that explanation for another day :-), or you can check out my courses where I explain those in details.

Something amazing happens at 33, you will see many people in the world become Managers, Entrepreneurs or peak in their business or creativity in this age period. You will see writers, content creators, artists, singers, craftsman etc. peak as well. Sometimes, you will see a person have their first child at this age. This continued heightened skills or success can prolong until age 50 if other important factors also point at that. What those important factors are? You must contemplate to get the idea, the breadcrumbs or clues are already in this post to think in that direction :-). You will also notice people start to think of family, conception and have children, no surprises. Creating a child is highest form of creation, a human being can undergo. Their bhagya (fortunes), poorva-punya and punya (karmic good fortune) both open their accounts at this age and begin to give results. Likewise, people also have severe bad luck or poorva janma papa happen if both Jupiter and Mercury are afflicted. So in summary, I hope you are able to see the significance of age 33 in many arenas of life. If you are close to this Mercury maturation age, check your charts and cards and see what might be in store for you? If you have already gone past the Mercury maturation age, travel back in time and check the sort of events that happened during that time. Also, check the kind of impact these events had until the age of 50 yrs.

As for me, in my chart, I have a strong connection to working with media and communication, thanks to Mercury. So, these courses, the YouTube content and teaching has been overdue since a long time. The work that started at the first Saturn return (age 28-29), took its own shape and course during my Mercury maturation age (32) and finally the finished product is now released close to my Saturn maturation age (34)!

The courses and its content turned out to be better than I expected. So, I feel even if I had launched it during the years 2018-19, it would not have maybe manifested or taken the shape as it looks now. In the end, I am happy about this and very excited to share this news and announcement with you because it is a big step towards me teaching astrology. Further, this is a big step towards approaching astrology from an analytical, scientific and mathematical standpoint!

Welcome to the website, excited to have you here and hope you like the content!

Happy learning/reading!

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asato ma sadgamaya
tamaso ma jyotirgamaya
mrtyorma amrtam gamaya
om shanti shanti shanti.

ॐ असतो मा सद्गमय ।
तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय ।
मृत्योर्मा अमृतं गमय ।
ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥

Lead me from the asat to the sat.
Lead me from darkness to light.
Lead me from death to immortality
Om Peace Peace Peace.

(Brhadaranyaka Upanishad — I.iii.28)

!! Hari OM !!

!! OM TAT SAT !!

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